Who promotes investments in Central BiH region?

Regional Development Agency for Central BiH Region (REZ Agency) is the Regional Development Agency operating in Central BiH region within the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was established in May 2004. Geographically, REZ Agency covers 10.34% of BiH territory with approximately 600.000 inhabitants. The activities of REZ Agency could be specified in two main groups:

  • Identified needs of municipalities, where prevailing necessity for further capacity building for project development, funds absorption,
    promotion and business infrastructure development, and
  • Support to development of SMEs through provision of business consultancy services, establishment of business linkages, support to export and investments, as well as promotion.

All the activities are in accordance with the strategic development directions, where the potential for development is being focused to the following sectors:

  • SMEs Development
  • Human Resources Development
  • Development of Infrastructure
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Tourism Development
  • Energy

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